Major milestone!

I’m still sticking to the “good” fat diet. I’ve kind-of got my head around it!

Basically anything which has been processed in some way contains some “bad” fats. Home cooked stuff is all good, as are fruits and vegetables.

And here we are, just over 3 months since it started and [fanfare] a major milestone.

My weight is 11st exactly, or just under 70Kg.

That means I’ve lost a stone! (Or just over 6Kg)

I really need to get better at home cooking. Mixed success with the recipes from the Low Cholesterol Cookbook have put me off trying but I need to get back on with that.

And exercise. As in I need to be doing some!

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Oatmeal pancakes with maple syrup and toasted macadamia nuts

I adapted this breakfast recipe from Low Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies.

The flavour was really nice. Not sure the nuts added much, the original recipe called for pecan nuts which would have been a sharper flavour to contrast the maple syrup.

The pancakes themselves were lovely but oh my word they took so long to prepare and cook! Definitely need to cook them the day before then reheat for breakfast.

I substituted extra oatmeal for wheat germ because the only wheat germ I could find in the shops and online was in big bags.

So all in all I’d call this one a success!

It’s been a while

Hi. I haven’t been keeping up to the blogging, but I have been keeping up to the diet. (Mostly!)

Happy to report my weight is now 11st 3lbs (71kg), which is down from 76kg 10 weeks ago.

That last kilo just won’t budge, the tricky little blighter!

Another measure of a person’s body fat is to get a tape measure and measure round the waist. Well I’m now 92cm and anything less than 94cm for a male is good.

If you can detect a hint of anxiety here it’s because I’m due back at the doctor’s in a couple of weeks. That’s come round a lot sooner than I thought!

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Tortilla chips

Here’s a recipe of my own.

Whole wheat tortillas cut into eighths

Avocado oil to brush on

Chip seasoning

First, lightly brush the pieces of tortilla with the oil on both sides.

Put the pieces on a baking tray, close together.

Dust with seasoning.

Cook at 180 degrees for 6 minutes. Turn them over then cook for a further 3 or 4 minutes.

Tomato salsa makes a great dip.

All the ingredients are healthy and good!

Second go at porridge

I adapted the recipe. I booked the barley for longer and added mixed dried fruit in place of cranberries.

And finally I added a dash of syrup to sweeten instead of honey.

All in all much better. The taste was fine and the porridge did keep me full all morning.

But it took 50 minutes to prepare the night before. Then 5 minutes to reheat the following day.

That’s a long time!

Mixed grain porridge

Based on a recipe in “Low Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies” by Sarah Brewer and Molly Siple 2008

50g Pearl Barley

840ml water

30g dried Cranberries

90g Rolled Oats

Serves 4

The barley is washed and boiled for 15 minutes with the cranberries.

The oats are added and the whole lot simmered for 30 minutes.


A bit chewy. I think the barley needs longer to cook.

I added honey to sweeten the porridge but the cranberries were sweet already. I think it would be OK with another dried fruit instead. Or less honey maybe.

Overall I might try it again but make a few changes.

In terms of the effects on me, it did keep me full until lunchtime so that was a winner!

Is it too soon to say “Part 2?”

I’m still suffering the effects of that awful virus.

But my appetite is back and I’m keen to get back in the saddle again.

So tonight’s meal had a Mediterranean flavour to it. Pork steaks in a herb and tomato glaze, roasted vegetables (onion, courgette, tomato and peppers) with couscous on the side.

Very nice indeed! Lots of flavour and it was healthy!!! Everything was grilled and oven cooked.

I’m planning to have porridge for breakfast tomorrow.

Come, on, let’s do this!

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